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Although a restaurant relies for its reputation, on a number of important areas  - including a warm welcome, attentiveness  and excellent service - the quality of food delivered to the table is an absolutely crucial element in the story.

Our chef has a wide experience and exceptional ability in ensuring the the Voujon brand is experienced in every meal.  Well prepared and beautifully cooked food is the sound basis upon which our menu then builds variety and an  inimicable array of spices to delight every palate.
From the moment our clients enter the restaurant, we roll out the red carpet.
Each one  of our guests is special to us.

Waiting staff, management and the kitchen team are totally focused on making your visit memorable in every detail.

At the centre of our efforts is the co-ordination, understanding and hard work that comes from years of experience & careful recruitment.
The Voujon Brand
Years of experience in the restaurant business have taught us to understand that our customers are, at once, King, Queen, prince & princess! Our philosphy is to bring to the table delightful food that our customers really enjoy. In this, taste, texture and quality are present in every item on our menu. But more than that,  from old favourites to the chef's signature dish, your will discern the distinctive flavours that  lift such labels to a level beyond the ordinary.