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House Specialties House Specialtes House Specialties

Created by a blend of  spices, prepared fresh every day, each Indian dish has its own distinctive flavour and aroma.

At Voujon Indian restaurant in Brough, we combine the finest ingredients with the skills of our chef to produce exquisite Indian food  enhanced by the distinctive flavours that characterises our style of cooking.

Eating with us, you will experience the inimitable taste of good Indian food with the incomparable signature of our own kitchen..
Main Course House Specialties

(Must be ordered in advance
To enable us to serve you the best quality and authenic tastes, please place your orders in advance (48 hours noice minimum) and 20% deposit

Kurzi Murg (for 4 persons) 60.00
Whole skinned chicken covered in special spices tenderly oven roasted.  This a
complete 3 course meal
Kurzi Lamb (for 4 persons) 90.95
Whole leg of lamb marinated in yoghurt, garam masallas, cardamon,
cinnamon, bay leaves, fresh garlic and ginger and then oven roasted

House Specialties House Specialtes House Specialties